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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!

Oh Christmas, how I love thee! Honestly, I love everything about you!  I love you for the energy that you emulate. I love you for your food. I love you for your music and holiday cheer. I love you for your craft projects and decorating ideas.
I love you because you make me feel young again and that is surely something I never want to forget.

Can you recall the blissful reminder of the years gone by? You know, when life was simple and everything made sense? Oh how I love the fury of events leading up to Christmas. Colorful trees decorated with handmade popcorn garlands. Festive lights. Maddening Christmas cookie sessions. Holiday parties. Extended family gathering together to sing carols. Pollyanna gift exchanges. I can remember every detail as if it were yesterday. Just the thought of you, dear Christmas, fills me with true happiness and joy.

What about this one? Do you remember the pure agony of trying to fall to sleep on Christmas Eve? You know, those sleepless nights where your excited heart couldn't seem to find rest?  "What will I get this year?" you would ask yourself.
All the world knows that it's nearly impossible to sleep on Christmas Eve!

Most importantly, Christmas, you remind me of everything important in life; family and friends! Wasn't it just yesterday that my family celebrated this holiday in one location? Sigh. This year my Dad is in Hong Kong, I'm in Bahrain, and the rest of the family is in Colorado. But, I can't dwell on such things. I may have caved and allowed myself five minutes of nostalgic memories but it's time to plod forward.

Even though I love you dearly Christmas, I have decided to boycott you this year! 

I haven't purchased any gifts.  I don't have a Christmas tree. I didn't make any Christmas cards and I haven't written a Christmas newsletter. No church to go to on Christmas Eve in this Muslim country.

Somehow, my roommate has convinced me to cook a Christmas dinner with him. How did that happen? How did I find myself if the role of hosting a dinner party? Our other roommate is in Scotland and she is the "queen of the kitchen." We will miss her skills dearly in the kitchen and will have to make do on our own.

It's funny because I wanted to sit at home and avoid Christmas altogether. I guess I thought it would be too painful to participate.  I have been joking with my friends that I feel like Scrooge this year because of my lack of Christmas spirit.

What's a Christmas Junkie to do in a foreign land? 
Well, I'll tell you. As this will be my first "non-traditional" Christmas away from my family, I want to do it in style. Therefore, I have decided to spend my day dressed as, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas! Yep! I have the whole costume lined up! Green tights, long, creepy nails, and green hair dye. I'm going for the look of," Sassy Grinch" so I won't be painting my face green. I even have a Santa corset to top it off.

Stay tuned for my adventures as the Grinch Who Stole Christmas!

PS-For my followers, I will be writing the final entry of Car Bodies and Batteries soon! As of late, my work and personal life has gotten the best of me!!!!

This is How the Grinch Stole Christmas