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Originally, I created this blog to document my trip to India. Upon my return, I realized that I couldn't shake the writing bug.
So, feel free to read about my adventures in India and stay tuned for my traveling updates!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Car Batteries and Body Bags-Part 2

The clerk, eager to help, called Miss Amy a taxi as he shooed her towards the seedy looking couch in the hotel lobby. Being a proper lady and all, she cringed at the unsightly stains that had made their home on the sorry looking upholstery.

Finally, she found herself driving back to work in the sweet safety of a taxi cab. As she gazed out the window at her surroundings, she fumed at the fact that her “significant other” had left her behind to go on a vacation without her. "Where was he when she needed him the most" she thought to herself? Many thoughts plagued her fragile mind during that fifteen minute drive, like “Would a man who truly loves his woman, leave her in the Middle East by herself for a month?” I should think NOT! More on that later.

Miss Amy eventually arrived back to work, frazzled, dazed, and dripping in sweat. She was frustrated that her India visa mission had failed. It was a miracle that she made it through the rest of the day without falling apart. Unfortunately, Miss Amy’s car troubles were far from over. With the help of her friend, they concluded that the car battery needed to be replaced.

She tried desperately to keep her spirits up. Having little contact with the outside world, besides work, she spent the next five days car-less, cooped up in the house, and lonely. Being trapped in the house was a little too much for a bubbly people person like herself. Looking back, she probably had a little too much time on her hands to dwell on the fact that her significant other had pretty much abandoned her to go on his "solo" month long vacation. He had told her they couldn't afford it and that she would "ruin his vacation." Meanwhile, he proceeded to squander his money on partying and purchasing semi automatic weapons. 

Over the phone he told her things like, "She was irresponsible in the way she was handling the car situation and that she was making a big deal out of nothing." Once, while he was away, Miss Amy called him because she had gotten lost on her drive home from work (prior to the car breaking down). Miss Amy had gotten stuck in a traffic jam and there were tire burning protests on either side of the road. She was scared. He responded by saying, "Don't call me for stuff like this, I can't help you." So, in addition to being stuck in the house, feeling lonely, and lacking support; now, she had the car situation to deal with!  It was a little too much to handle for Miss Amy.

The only thing that kept her going through one of the most difficult months of her life was her upcoming trip to India where she planned on freeing herself of all bad energy.

Okay, on with the story folks! Miss Amy continued her mission to find a car battery. She made an excursion to the mall to search for a car battery. Surely Carrefour would have one? They sell everything under the sun. Right? Negative. No car batteries there! She followed every possible lead her work friends gave her. But her efforts to find a place that sold batteries were in vain as the shops were either closed for the holiday or the person on the other end of the phone did not understand English.

Eventually, after five long days of phone calls, she found a place that sold car batteries. On her day off, she took a long, costly, 45 minute taxi drive out to the town of Sitra. American’s are advised to steer clear of this often shady town. But, at this point, Miss Amy would have sold her kidney to have her car up and running again. 

To be continued

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