Why Write?

Originally, I created this blog to document my trip to India. Upon my return, I realized that I couldn't shake the writing bug.
So, feel free to read about my adventures in India and stay tuned for my traveling updates!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

We ALL scream for ice cream

Now I know what a mother hen must feel like.   

After my tour of Sardarjung’s tomb, I leisurely exited the museum and was promptly greeted by a rosy cheeked boy. We was adorned with raggedy clothing and a huge smile. He asked me for money. However, I decided to treat him to ice cream. Due to our location,  I was worried that an adult might steal the money from him the moment he left my sight. 

As we were walking to the ice cream truck, 3 additional boys appeared out of thin air! On we continued, across the parking lot to the tiny ice-cream stand. I ordered 4 ice cream cones, one for each of the boys. And just like that, a little girl with an injured leg came wobbling up with her little sister towing behind. That dear child was wearing a top but no bottom. “Okay, make that 6 cones,” I managed to sputter out just as 3 more children magically appeared. 

I think you get the picture. Altogether I purchased 12 delicious chocolate ice cream cones. We all parted ways with smiles on our faces.